How Krizalid Picks His Future Releases

For a very long time now, people are asking Krizalid for requests and whatnot, and they might have asked themselves why is he prioritizing a different work instead.

With the image below, he shares some of the questions he asks himself or the people when someone throws a request directly at him.

Things Krizalid asks himself when picking his next release.


  1. Elie

    Thanks for your work, Krizalid. I’m really looking forward to Boku No Yayoi’s chapter 5 – 7/8. Should be an interesting read. Any idea on a release date?

  2. newkev

    can you translate to english the rest of Boku no Yayoi-san please ? it’s been a while and I don’t know if FAKKU is really gonna do it

  3. Diggers

    just wondering if you’d consider translating the rest of SHINONOME Ryu love & hate faytear did the 1st volume but then he retired from translating and no has done the final 2 volumes i’d really like to read the rest of the story

      • Diggers

        darn it was worth asking i just want to know what happens in the story it looks like things get really messed up it just amazes me that no one has finished it

  4. mira

    Hello !

    I wondered if you were interested, I don’t know anything about edition… Of course, if you edit it you’ll be allowed to publish it on your blog and anywhere you want.

    See you


    • maoki

      I agree. I’d love to see Energy Kyo-ka translated. Nobody picked up the torch after krizald dropped the manga. sad face.

        • mukito

          You should screw with psyburn21 and translate Energy Kyo-ka, taking the massive amount of credits of the visits for you. That guy literally took our investment, the biggest of the site at that time, and decided to not share the translation.
          This and the fact we all have faith in your skills to bring it more accurate as possible.

        • Krizalid

          That guy literally took our investment, the biggest of the site at that time, and decided to not share the translation.

          Wait, what? I don’t know this side of the story. Are you talking about the bounty?

          But let me quote psyburn21’s side on why the project isn’t done yet:

          I announced this the last time I posted and I’ll bring it up again. I have the scripts for Energy Kyoka. If anyone is interested in doing the editing for it as I don’t have the time atm, send me an email. My only request is that I be part of the quality control process for it.


          Also, give this one a read. It’s in my future projects.

  5. jh38dh39

    Higashiyama Shou, our lord and savior, risen from the dead, shockingly announced that he’d publish chapter 2 of his Implicity series in Comic LO 2016/6 and that he’s working on chapter 3. This makes me very happy because I thought he’d never publish anything ever again.
    I’ve tried to convince Rinscans to finish their scanlation of the prologue chapter (ch. xx), but it seems they have lost the script and won’t redo it because “the other chapters seem gross”.
    So here I am, trying to convince you to celebrate Show’s return by translating the series. I think the world needs to know why people are making strawberry-flavored semenbread in their microwaves. I’m coming to you first, because you did Joyful girl, which was great, so I figured this’d be up your alley.
    As an incentive, I’m prepared to offer a $150 donation for ch.xx + ch.01 because I’m just that hyped. Though I’d only pay in BTC.

    Announcement for Chapter 02:
    Chapter xx, in LO 2013-07:
    Chapter 01, in LO 2014-08:

    Thank you very much for your consideration.

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